Monumental Masons


The Order Process & Pricing


When you first contact Manx Memorials we will try to guide you through the enormous selection of memorial choices. Whilst the churchyards have rules and regulations limiting sizes and sometimes the shapes allowed, there is a large choice when it comes to materials, from granites and marbles, to limestones, slates and sandstones. We can tell you about each material and how it will last and look. You may already have something in mind for the memorial, often people have seen something that they like in the churchyard, if not we can advise you on what is available and appropriate for the proposed location.


If you require a standard memorial we should be able to give you a quotation while you wait and we can produce a sample picture if you have an idea of what you would like to say. If you want help with deciding what to engrave on the stone we can provide some sample wording that may be useful. There are no right or wrong ways to commemorate a life.


If you are looking for something which is non-standard we will need a little time to obtain a quotation but should normally be able to come back to you within a couple of days.


Once we have agreed the memorial choice and the quotation, we will require a payment of 50% of the total cost. We will then apply to the Vicar and Wardens of the Churchyard on your behalf, and when we receive permission, usually within a couple of weeks, we will engrave the stone. If we have your choice of memorial in stock it will normally be installed within 2 weeks of receipt of permission. Non standard memorials can take 3-4 months but this will be explained during the quotation process.

Some memorials will need to have a concrete plinth installed and this will be done once permission has been received.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and try to make this process as painless as possible for you.


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